Project Turnaround


In 1995, The Government of Ontario under the Conservative Party, created a task force to look into "strict discipline", also sometimes referred to as "boot camp" for young offenders. After research, consultations, and visits to other similar institutions, the task force recommended a pilot project that, if successful, could be expanded.

Regal Constellation Hotel


The Regal Constellation Hotel is a 15-floor, 710-room hotel originally constructed in 1962. It featured a Chinese restaurant, and 90,000 square feet of convention space. In addition, a north wing, and east wing still exist, expanding the site significantly from its original size. Most recently, it had been renovated in 2001. It closed in July, 2004.

Biscotasing Church

Continuing on with my day trip, I decided to take a look at an almost-ghost-town, Biscotasing. While this town is a mere shadow of what it had been in the past, it still enjoys a busy existence during the summer, and hunting seasons.

Vagabond Motel

I had known about this place for quite some time, as I had been visiting nearby several times per year. It hadn't been accessible, however, and I assumed it still wasn't until I saw photos from another explorer, and instantly recognized the place.

Jumbo Road House

The driveway is a bit long, as the property is set back off the road. This, like so many of the older places I've visited, had interesting characteristics, particularly the angles of the ceiling upstairs. I was surprised, however, to get a blast from the past in the basement with the discovery of an old Radio Shack TRS-80 computer.

Manitoulin House 13

I caught the briefest glimpse of this house as I was driving along, and slowed immediately, watching my left side for another look. In a moment, the trees along the side of the road broke, and I found a long driveway leading back to this house standing in the middle of the field. I pulled in, and feeling myself sliding on wet, soft ground, I put on the 4-wheel drive for good measure, and drove right up beside it.

French River House

For untold years, countless people have driven past this place, and like myself, I sincerely doubt they ever knew the place existed. Surrounded by trees up until a very short time ago, it was very well camouflaged and hidden from the ceaseless traffic on the highway below it. Now, the trees are gone as plans to widen the highway into 4 lanes continues, and the clock ticks on measuring out the last days of someone's tiny former home.