Trip Stories

The Trip to Fort George

Gassing up the car.

I set out on an October Sunday morning, ready to begin what I knew was going to be an adventure. Although I had many kilometres between me and my goal, I was eager to begin, and even more eager to arrive. While I was discounting the long drive there as merely an obstacle, I would eventually realize that it was as important as the destination.

Travelling with My Buddy

It was nearing the end of October which, around here, traditionally means you can't count on the weather anymore.  From this point forward any attempt at predictability goes out the window, and Mother Nature makes obscene gestures at the well-learned meteorologists who try to understand what she's doing.  Despite that, or perhaps because of it, I set out to chase down one particular abandonment I feared may not survive the coming winter.

Sydney Harbour Defenses

Sydney, Nova Scotia, served a vital role in the Allied war effort of World War II. It was a rally point for supply ships and their escorts providing war materiel, and it was a base for the ships and aircraft that helped to secure the routes those convoys would set out on. To that end, the harbour had to be protected against enemy ships or the submarines that were known to prowl the waters in search of targets or military intelligence.