Special Thanks

Without the assistance of wonderful people in various organizations who have the ability to think past the word "no", this site and what it aims to accomplish, would not be possible. It is, therefore, with great thanks that I acknowledge the following organizations / agencies and individuals for their participation:


The property owner who provided me access to the Lyndonville AFS.
The property owner who provided me access to the DEW Line Prototype station.
The property owner living on the grounds of the St. Joseph's Girls' Indian Residential School.
The gentleman who provided transportation to the island featuring Fort McNutt, and the wonderful lady who facilitated it.
The gentleman who gave me the guided tour of Antigo AFS.
The property owner who provided me access to the North Bay BOMARC site.
The owners of the fledgling paintball business who provided me access to Prince Edward Heights.
Anne, the property owner who granted access to Manitoulin House 4.


For access to SS Norisle.

For access to the Old Don Jail.

For access to CFS Carp.

Gene and Maxine Schmidt and Friends of the Kirkbride for access to the Fergus Falls State Hospital.

For access to the MS Norgoma.

For access to the Little Current Swing Bridge.

For access to George's Island.

Special Thanks to Roger for taking the time to show me around, and teach me about his community.

For access to the Lower Bay Subway Station, the Eglinton Bus Garage, and the Lower Queen Streetcar Station.