Trackside House

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Houses September 14, 2013 Semi-active Ontario Canada

Posted on: Mon, 10/07/2013 - 03:15 By: Mike

I would like to begin by thanking Pat and Robert, the owners, for allowing me in to photograph this fascinating old house.  They were very understanding and accommodating of my hobby and interests.

When I arrived at this tiny seasonal community, I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was in a remote area of northern Ontario, near the railway tracks, and had a rich history in the logging industry.  Like so many similar small towns, there was a boom, rapid growth, then decline and eventually, nothing left but a near ghost town occupied by seasonal guests who enjoy the solitude for the warm months of the year.

This house was, as far as anyone knows, one of the originals.  Just looking at it from the outside, it was apparent that its construction was of a much older style than most of the other structures around it.

Pulling up, I was greeted warmly by Robert as he worked on a small gas-powered generator.  We both spent a few moments wondering what engineering genius designed a bar over the spark plug making all but inaccessible.  Soon afterward, however, he opened the door and turned me loose.

While many of the items there were clearly current storage, many more were vintage pieces that had come with the house.  The interior was simple, functional and of a style you will not see in anything of more modern construction.  The stairs alone were worth the visit with their sharp rise and narrow steps.  You could tell that even indoor plumbing, which we tend to take for granted, had been an afterthought, a luxury upgrade, in this tiny home.

My curiosity sated, I bid my kind host farewell and continued with my weekend.

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