Skylark Drive In

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Commercial Abandoned Ontario Canada


The Skylark Drive In, in its original incarnation, opened in the 1950's, and closed in 1982 and lay unused.

This 275-car venue was re-opened in 2000 by Willie and Julie Greco. In 2012, it was announced that the drive in would close once again. The Grecos were leasing the land, but were never able to secure sufficient funding to purchase it. The owner is believed to have other plans for the land and chose not to renew the lease. To date, none of these plans appear to have materialized.

In its final year, Skylark was open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 9:00 PM, with a double-feature at dusk.

Personal Commentary: 

We were on the way home from a camping trip on the Labour Day Weekend and I remembered this place. I have been meaning to stop in for quite some time and just never seemed to have the time. This time, no excuses. I had my camera, I had my drone. Time to get this place captured before someone bulldozes it.

It was really warm, and I have now realized that the hard case for my drone, while excellent protection, is a bit heavy to carry any distance.

In any event, we, including our newest intrepid exploring partner, Max the Exploring Husky, set out to see what was left.

I was surprised at how much of it was still present, and at the same time dismayed by how badly destroyed it was already. Any hope of anyone re-opening this establishment for nostalgia's sake is pretty much gone.

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