Milo Mill

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Industrial October 14, 2013 Abandoned New York United States

Posted on: Mon, 11/18/2013 - 15:15 By: Mike


I am able to find very little history on this site except that a paper mill was built here in 1890 which burned down in 1910. It was subsequently rebuilt. Whether this is the rebuilt mill is uncertain, and the circumstances of its eventual closure are unknown to me. If anyone can point me in a direction for further detail, it would be appreciated.

Personal Commentary: 

The remnants of this mill are a short distance away from the Cascade Mill on the same river.  I had noticed both of these on Google Earth some time ago and thought they might be interesting to check out.

When I pulled in, I was unaware that I would have to contend with security.  A watch-goat stood there, tethered, eyeballing me suspiciously as I got out.  I paid little attention to him as I began taking pictures.  When I was finished however I went over to make friends.  He came to me, tail wagging like a friendly dog and after a brief scratching behind the ears tried to butt me.  He missed.  I'm familiar enough with goat behavior to anticipate that happening.

I left Mr. Grumpy to himself and continued on with my day.

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