Dinosaur Valley

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Commercial April 2, 2010 Demolished Ontario Canada

Posted on: Thu, 04/15/2010 - 15:15 By: Mike

We spotted in this place amid the trees as we were checking out the Wasaga Roller Rink. It was difficult to determine what it was, exactly, but clearly it was a tourist attraction of some kind.

We did find a sign that appeared to belong to the Wasaga Beach Paint-ball group, which does border on the far side of this property.

On May 2, we had an opportunity to speak with some people who live in Wasaga Beach, and are familiar with its history.

As it turns out, this location was once Dinosaur Valley. Tourists were able to walk the paths, examine the statues, and hear about each species from speakers at each site. In later years, it also apparently featured some amazing sand sculptures.

UPDATE May 14, 2013: During a drive-by today I noticed that this structure has been demolished.


Thank you for posting these pictures! My dad was actually the construction foreman on this project.. I think either before I was born or I was just a baby. My dad passed away about 10 years ago so seeing these pictures is really cool! I think my brother had some trinkets and a hat or something; I remember seeing the logo on something he had. My understanding was that the project ended up abandoned due to issues between the Town and the developers, which was a sore spot for the town for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!

I remember the sand castles, you could see the one large on when driving by (from Wasaga to Elmvale). It was a large Egyptian like castle, kind of like the cover of Powerslave by the heavy metal group Iron Maiden. It was an amazing sight, you can still see the large sand hill as you pass by.

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