Breton's Restaurant and Motel

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Gas / Motels / Hotels May 6, 2012 Demolished Ontario Canada

Posted on: Mon, 11/26/2012 - 15:15 By: Mike

So, I've driven along this road countless times, and somehow this doesn't register on me until a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, sometimes I have tunnel vision.

It's not the most exciting place in the world. When I say it's gutted, I MEAN it's GUTTED. In the main building, there isn't even a floor left. It appears that someone had cut a hole in the end wall, and just drove a bulldozer in. There's even a dirt ramp to get in and out from the inside.

A scaffold is located in the centre as I assume part of the gutting included load-bearing walls.

It's ok to stop and take a look around if you happen to notice it, but I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to make a special trip for it.


In April of 2011 the property was purchased and the owners planning to reopen the property. They either gave up or are ripping it out and starting new. It used to have everything intact including the payphones, cash registers and coolers.

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