Poor Man's Geotagging

A generic GPS screen.

As explorers, we often come across unexpected gems and of course we want to remember where we found them. As I mention in Finding Abandonments - Part 2, Google Earth is an invaluable tool for keeping track of the places you've found, especially when you have the GPS coordinates.

Of course, with newer cameras, you can buy an attachment that automatically puts your GPS coordinates into the EXIF data of your pictures as you take them. That's great if you have a newer camera and have purchased this handy addon. I don't have either of those.

I do, however, have a GPS unit in my truck. When I find somewhere new, and I want to remember where I found it, I have the GPS display where I am. With the Magellan, I simply say, "Magellan!", and it replies. I say "Where am I?" and it displays the current coordinates, altitude, cross streets, etc. I then take a picture of the display.

This serves two purposes. First, I have now recorded the location of my find. In addition, I now have a handy marker that separates the pictures from various locations I might visit in a single day.