Times Square, New York City

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Commercial July 19, 2013 Public New York United States

Posted on: Mon, 02/25/2019 - 15:15 By: Mike

No trip to New York City as a tourist is complete without a visit to Times Square.

When we arrived, it was quite busy, but I suspect this was just normal.  Everyone there was either a tourist, or someone with a hustle to make money from the tourists.  I think most native New Yorkers likely avoid the Square to avoid all this chaos.

Woman looking up.


After initially looking around at some of what was going on here, we decided it was the ideal time to purchase something to drink and take a break from all the walking we'd been doing.  We found a table and sat.  In very little time, we realized that this was no time to remain idle.

Around us flowed a sea of humanity, largely oblivious to us, and everyone else around them.  Each taking in the sights, while not really seeing anything.  I quickly attached a longer lens to my camera and began snapping pictures of what I saw.

Man looking from a distance.


Picture after picture, and no one was even aware.  Well, almost no one.  One single person noticed me, and he took a picture back, so we were even.  People took "general pictures or videos of the surrounding area, but no one really seemed to "see".

I could have spent a great deal more time there, continuing to snap picures, but we still had other places to see before the lengthy subway ride back toward our hotel.

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