Sandy Hook

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Military July 19, 2011 Public New Jersey United States

Posted on: Tue, 08/30/2011 - 15:15 By: Mike


Sandy Hook has a rather impressive array of military history from various periods to look at. One of the most prominent, Fort Hancock, was a coastal defense installation built in 1895. It's primary function was to assist in the defense of New York Harbour. From 1874 until 1919, it oversaw operations at the Sandy Hook Proving Ground which was used to test cannon designs and accuracy from the Civil War until 1919.. In 1893, the US's first disappearing gun battery was installed here and named Battery Potter.

During the Cold War, Sandy Hook was also home to a US Army Nike missile site. The military reservation was decommissioned in 1974.

Personal Commentary: 

Another insanely hot day on my vacation, and being near the water wasn't much of a help, particularly in the inland side of the hook. Wandering along the beach I was able to find concrete emplacements that were once mounts for anti-aircraft guns. The buildings remaining to Fort Hancock are beginning to show their age and are in need of some upkeep. Osprey nest in the chimneys of many of the old houses, and Park Rangers are definitely in abundance.

On the seaward side, however, I found the larger gun emplacements fenced off from the public. Despite this, I was able to get in closer for some photos, thanks to my small rabbit guide, but didn't want to remain in the open for long.

This is a great place to explore, despite its public nature. I'll have to back again as there is much I wasn't able to see given the heat. Another rabbit guide did, however, show me the way to the above-mentioned proving ground.

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