Kerr Addison Mine

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Mining August 22, 2009 Partially Demolished Ontario Canada

Posted on: Sat, 08/29/2009 - 15:15 By: Mike


Gold was first discovered on the site of the Kerr Addison Mine in 1911. In 1938, a new manager would take over making the mine one of Canada’s highest producers.

The mine’s smelter produced large quantities of sulfur dioxide and arsenic that caused vast damage to the town’s vegetation. By the 1970’s, when production would begin to fall off, snowfall in the area was actually tinged pink.

In 1987, Kerr Addison was bought out by Golden Shield Resources. This company went into receivership by 1989. The following year, Deak Resources Corporation took ownership and was itself taken over in 1993 by Gwen Resources.

By 1996, after producing over 10,457,000 ounces of gold, the property was sold for taxes.

Personal Commentary: 

This was actually a great exploration. We regretted leaving this one for last as the light was beginning to dwindle, and wind becoming ever colder. This site is going to certainly warrant a second visit soon.

You’ll note in the gallery a picture of what appears to be a large hole in the ground. In all honesty, the photographs do not... cannot... convey the size of this thing. It is large across, and VERY deep. I can only assume that this was the result of a cave-in underground.

Another fascinating feature bearing closer scrutiny is the shaft leading into the hillside dated 1955. I was very curious to know how far in it went. Perhaps next trip I’ll bring a canary.


When I worked at Kerr Addison I went into this shaft with the cement collar. It went down on a slight incline for about 1/2 km and hooked up with the Number 3 shaft / headframe. It was used as tunnel to convey lumber, timber and other supplies to the waiting shaft / cage for lowering to the rest of the mine
-Mike Molotkin

Slides 30 to 47 The old refinery. Top floor held the filter presses. Middle floor held supplies and filter dressing preparation. Bottom floor was the oil fired furnaces (2 or 3?), the vault, the flux prep, and Klaus Tikas office (broken windows). An elevator connected all three levels. The first and second floors were accessed by stairs as well.

My first job at Kerr Addison was as a summer student. I loaded the supplies onto a train that went down the timber tunnel. We had a little shack beside the entrance where we took our coffee and lunch breaks. Every day an old groundhog would do the rounds looking for (and getting) a handout. He was cranky, blind in one eye, but regular as clockwork. The next year, a different summer student chucked a rock killing Brownie. He was fired and sent off for the sake of his personal well-being. That groundhog had many friends...

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