Curtis Wright Buffalo

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Industrial October 6, 2012 Abandoned New York United States

Posted on: Wed, 11/07/2012 - 15:15 By: Mike

I drove along the street, looking for the specific building I wanted. There were more run-down industrial buildings along here than I expected, so my head was kind of on a swivel. I love this sh*t!

Locating the building I was looking for, I took a swing down a side street, along the fence line looking for a way in. I spotted one toward the end, and was ready to go for it. All that was left was to park the truck and bask in the decay.

Walking back to the opening, I popped through only to discover that the building was closed up tight. Huh! A friend had been here just a short time ago and had no problems. WTF?

I went back out onto the side street and made my back toward the front. A short distance down the sidewalk, I found the way in. Whew!

I wasn't in the building long when I noticed the presence of a car out front that had stopped. There was nothing around to make anyone normal want to stop here, so I was instantly suspicious. After a few moments, however, the vehicle left without incident.

I proceeded deeper into the building and realized I wasn't alone. A young gentleman in a red jacket and ball cap was slipping around the corner, apparently looking to leave unnoticed. I called out and he stopped, and turned around. I introduced myself, told him my name and asked his. Darryl and I exchanged handshakes and I let him know I was just there to look around. He told me that's why he was there too, but there was nowhere to sit down. Indeed.

I continued on with my exploration of the building and Darryl went on his way too. This place features high, saw-tooth ceilings and two lofts on either side that run the full length of the building. They can be reached by stairs, but those on one side had collapsed at the bottom, and didn't look very appealing further up either. Luckily, there was a reasonably solid catwalk that crossed from one loft to the other over the main area. When I crossed over, I immediately became concerned about the floor. It was concrete, sure, but I didn't like how much of the floor below I could see through it. I stuck to where I knew beams were, and was able to cross without incident.

While pretty much empty, it was still a great place to look around. If you do, and you meet Darryl, be nice, and give him my regards.

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