Manitoulin House 2

This one was pretty much in plain sight for any one of thousands of vehicles that must pass it on an annual basis. I'm curious, however, how many actually notice that it's there.

Entry is discouraged by partial walling with concrete bricks. You can certainly climb over them, but it's uncertain whether the floor will support you dropping down the other side.

I don't think there's much inside of interest anyway, but on the bright side, the opposite side of the road features a spectacular view.

Warren House

This little find was, as with many places on here, the result of a day of recreational driving around.

I was noticing a great deal of damage in the area from a tornado that Environment Canada still says was not a tornado. As I rounded a corner in the road, i saw a lone house standing in an open field. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it had to be mine.