Harmony House

This place gives you the creeps pretty much the moment you walk in. Perhaps it's the fact that the beds are made, or that everything looks very lived-in. Perhaps it's the number of personal belongings scattered everywhere that you can't imagine anyone leaving without. Perhaps it's something else.

Manitoulin House 9

While wandering Manitoulin Island, I decided to take a look at a campground at which I'd previously stayed. As I drove the dirt road to it, I noticed a collapsed barn and a side building. I thought to myself how it's interesting that I hadn't noticed this when I had camped here. But then, at that time, I wasn't really engaged in this hobby yet.

Highway 17 House 2


It appears that this house was built sometime in the 1870's by Alexander Daigle, a French immigrant by way of Montreal. Daigle built the farm there at least 2 or 3 decades before the first road was carved through the area.

Alexander apparently died behind the house after the horses pulling his wagon bolted, causing him to fall out and break his neck.

Concrete City


These buildings were opened in 1913 to provide model housing for key, "high value" employees and supervisors of the DL & W Railroad's Coal Division, who paid a rent of $8.00 per month. In 2008 dollars, using the Consumer Price Index, that would be $179.42. One additional requirement of these employees was that they had to speak English as their first language.

Haunted Funeral Home

I'm not sure how this location got the title "haunted" exactly. But then, I'm not sure how it got the title "funeral home" either. According to the fellow mowing the lawn across the street, this property belonged to a doctor. For whatever reason, he had a house built elsewhere and moved his practice along with him.

What I find interesting is the number of personal belongings that were left behind. Records, photographs, etc., that I would have assumed anyone would have taken along with them.

Manitoulin House 4

This house was on one of the main roads, and so presented no real challenge in that respect. When I was there, there was no easy POE, but the property itself yielded a number of treasures that included the contents of a barn, some very old farming equipment, an ancient delivery van, and an even older truck that had been converted to drill wells.

Manitoulin House 3

This place stood in an open field with no driveway approaching it. I found that a little surprising, but perhaps that's simply an indicator of its age.

I took my time looking the place over, and watched several Canada Geese fly past the house.

Manitoulin House 1

When I stumbled on this place, the first thing I noticed was the surrounding trees. They gave the place a wonderfully creepy atmosphere that just didn't leave the entire time I was there.

While I was checking out the car remnants, I accidentally disturbed a pair of cranes that might have been nesting in the field. I watched as they flew off, impressed by their surprising wingspan.