Create a Shared Grocery List with Google Keep

Google Keep

So you're living in domestic bliss, but there's grocery shopping to do, and both partners may not have a complete list of what needs to be picked up.  Perhaps your significant other typically does the shopping, but you notice that you're missing something important in the fridge.

There are a number of third-party apps out there that make grocery lists, but I prefer to keep things simple, and use the tools I have at hand.  In this instance, I use Google Keep.  It's a great little app for keeping lists and notes about everything.  Think sticky-notes for your phone.

So, let's build a grocery list:

  1. Start off by going to the Google Play store and downloading Google Keep, assuming you don't already have it.
  2. When you start the app, you'll notice that there's a toolbar that goes across the bottom.  For this particular purpose, tap the icon that looks like a list with check-boxes.
  3. Keep has opened a new list for you.  For the sake of organization, let's tap on the line marked Title and fill in something useful and informative like, "Grocery List".

Now, on each line below the title, you can add a new item that needs to be acquired at the grocery store.  Easy, right?  Well, we're not quite done yet.  We still need to include your partner in this process.

  1. At the bottom of your new list, you'll see a small, dark square the three dots in it.  You'll want to tap that.
  2. A menu pops up that allows you to customize many things about your new list, not least of which is the color.  However, we're going to tap the option marked Collaborator.
  3. You will not see a display showing the title Sharing, and you're already on it.  Under you, you can begin entering the name of your partner.  As you type, it is searching your contact list for matches.
  4. Tap your partner's name when it appears and they are added as a collaborator.

From this point forward, assuming your partner has also already installed Google Keep, they will also see this grocery list.  But here's the coolest part...

If you add something to the list from your phone, it gets added to the list on your partner's phone as well.  Even if you or your partner is already at the grocery store, it's not too late to add something to the list.

Because we've used the check-box list, items can be checked off once you put them into the cart.

It's that simple.  Enjoy!