William Birch Rankine Generating Station

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Infrastructure August 17, 2006 Closed Ontario Canada

Posted on: Thu, 08/17/2006 - 15:15 By: Mike


After some slowdowns, minor construction began April 30, 1897. This wasn't a serious attempt at construction, but rather just enough to satisfy certain contractual obligations.

Many legal battles and negotiations ensued, and real construction on the site did not begin until May 23, 1901, just over four years later. On January 2, 1905, the station formally opened with two operational 10,000 HP generators producing about 17,000 kilowatts.

In 2001, based on an agreement with Ontario Power Generation, the station produces no power, but OPG pays the owner for the amount of electricity it would have produced if it were online. Ironically, this station is powered by another generating station in Niagara Falls.

In 2009, the station is to be mothballed, and ownership returned to the Niagara Park Commission.

Personal Commentary: 

This should be a pretty familiar sight to anyone who's visited Niagara Falls. I arrived here during a camping trip to Port Dover, and spent the day touring the area.

There are several such plants around, but something about the architecture of this one caught my attention and prompted me to stop and take pictures for this collection.

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