Silver Banner Mine

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Mining August 22, 2009 Abandoned Ontario Canada

Posted on: Thu, 08/27/2009 - 15:15 By: Mike

This mine was a little surprising. As it turns out, I had driven right past it on a previous exploration of the Cobalt area. There is nothing from the road to indicate its presence except the remnants of a very old road that would be easily overlooked.

When I walked in to the site, I was somewhat disappointed to see that this old head frame, standing since at least the 1930’s by my estimate, had finally lost its battle with time and gravity. It had fallen over, landing on the hoist room and rendering the surrounding fence useless.

I stepped over the fence and looked around the wood and steel ruins of the old structure. Carefully, I eased myself down between the large timbers, beckoned by the sight of the top of the shaft. As I carefully peered over the edge, I was able to see a short way down to the water and floating debris below. I assumed the pipe coming up from the depths had originally connected to a pump that was supposed to prevent this very thing from happening.

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