Millbrook Correctional Centre

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Prisons / Jails April 11, 2009 Demolished Ontario Canada

Posted on: Sat, 04/11/2009 - 15:15 By: Mike


Opened in 1957, Millbrook Correctional Centre became the Ontario Government's only maximum security facility. It would also see a significant amount of trouble during its 46 years of service.

On April 18, 2000, a Vietnamese immigration prisoner died in custody under what was called suspicious circumstances after allegedly being beaten by guards. This incident would then spark a hunger strike.

An OPSEU news letter dated October 19, 2001 reveals that the guards staged a work refusal because management of the prison withheld information about an impending plan for prisoners to take over the prison. When the prison management finally agreed to a search of the entire institution, several weapons were found in the building itself, and at least 15 shanks hidden in the main yard.

On April 1, 2002, prisoners broke into the control room for their wing and unlocked the other cells, allowing between 25 and 40 inmates out. They attempted to reach the outer yard, but after several hours without success, they returned peacefully to their cells.

In May, 2003, the prison was closed as part of the Ontario government's Infrastructure Renewal Program. Since then it has remained mostly inactive with the exception of filming a movie entitled Of Murder and Memory in the fall of 2007.

Personal Commentary: 

This, I have to say, was one my more interesting explorations. I was there for a considerable time, and it seemed there was something even more interesting to see around each corner.

The entire thing was made sweeter by the fact that it was a limited-time opportunity, with the building being sealed up shortly after my visit.


was there 83-84 hard time the real deal was the youngest guy there stayed in gen pop till released

I was there then and I was 17. Do any of you remember EVER getting paid for working in the marker plant ?? I never saw a dime !!

In reply to by mark (not verified)

i worked the jobbing shop, weldin bars for other jails mainly, never saw a dime, nor did anyone else i knew, i was lucky n did my last 4 months in the annex camp, was sent there from kenora, and ya the food was better then average, easy time if u were quiet,

In reply to by mark (not verified)

never got paid there ever, was in 1 after 6 monthd went to a camp just outside the wall, only 4 ranges gen.pop back then no talking rules and alot of tough dudes then

...brings back memories..I was general population early 90s. No pics of the license plate shop? Remember some hard core full contact ball hockey in the yard. Real shit hole...litteraly! Sewage lines backing up due to frozen lines and raw Sewage flowing through the range.

In reply to by Joe (not verified)

Was in the annex also and worked jobbing shop used to follow.trail to the liquor store behind the annex

71 & 72..lost all COPPER.. 21&9 escape 17yrs old..from quelph..1 riot outside may 24 ...another on 1 block...t.v's just came in..shrub team...way to much time in damper...months at a time..for a kid..glad I out lived super..Dunbar.. .after may 24 riot.
Put on ghost chain. 8 months..after good beating at DON....TOUGHENS U UP..I THINK 46YRS AGO...F.T.W.

Did a Deuce less-1 back in 79/80. A 17yr. old kid back then. Got an extra 6 months for assault Peace Officer while there. Did a lot of cell time, reading, and sleeping.
Did another 15 months in 84/85. Punched License Plates, made The Camp, then Parole. Never been back to Prison.

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