Wikwemikong Holy Cross Mission

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Churches, Etc. June 4, 2008 Public Ontario Canada

Posted on: Wed, 06/04/2008 - 15:15 By: Mike


This building was the residence for the mission. It was built in 1888, but destroyed by a fire, that also destroyed the adjacent church in 1954.

Personal Commentary: 

I was just on a drive one afternoon when I noticed this beside the road. I had been to "Wiki", as it is known, many times, yet somehow this impressive structure had escaped notice. Perhaps it was simply that I had never gone that far into the town.

I stopped across the street, and crossed with my camera. Instantly, I was greeted by a large, black dog that apparently lived next door. I like making friends with local dogs when visiting a site, so I knelt and extended my hand. Apparently, that's all that was required. I not only had a new and faithful friend, but a constant companion for the duration of my visit.

While I was shooting, a group of students from the local high school arrived on foot from the hill behind. They were accompanied by their teacher who proceeded to give them the entire history of the place. I wished briefly that I could have joined the group, but decided that I would likely stand out badly in a group of bored teenagers.

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