York Redoubt - York Shore Battery

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Military July 27, 2010 Public Nova Scotia Canada

Posted on: Tue, 01/14/2020 - 15:15 By: Mike


Originally constructed in 1793, defenses have lined this bluff overlooking the entrance to Halifax Harbour, and have played an important role throughout the 19th and 20th centuries before finally closing in 1956.

An observation post was constructed here, coordinating the various defensive batteries around the entire harbour. The gun battery below the bluff, also pictured here, served the role of covering the submarine net that stretched across to Fort McNab on McNab's Island.

Personal Commentary: 

When I arrived at York Redoubt, I really got the "museum feel" as I walked about the well-tended grass, painted concrete, and mostly closed up buildings. Across from me as I emerged from the tunnel leading into the grounds, we saw people climbing up onto the remains of the Martello Tower and generally goofing around. I was disappointed when I found that the observation post included underground rooms yet was sealed off to any access.

As I was leaving, however, I noticed a sign indicating that part of the grounds were designated off-limits due to unsafe conditions. My invitation had arrived at last.

I followed the path down the hill arriving at a fence warning of dire consequences, some legal, some physical, should I proceed beyond that point. Duly noted.

The battery complex within, and the three gun emplacements beyond made the whole stop well worth it.

Update - September 20, 2019:

After I had left from my last visit, I discovered on Google Earth that there were things hidden in the woods not far from the York Shore Battery.  I marked those locations for future investigation, and the day finally came.

Following the map, I navigated the trails to see what was there.  It was worth the revisit.  Take a look through the new gallery to see what I found.

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