Wrigley Mansion

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Houses April 6, 2012 Public Ontario Canada

Posted on: Sat, 04/07/2012 - 15:15 By: Mike


There are very few mentions of the history of this location online, and those are contradictory. Speaking with a local gentleman walking his dog, this is what I was able to learn.

Made from stone, and the victim of a devastating fire, this beautiful old house, and its scenic property are still being cared for by the current owner. It was built in the '50's, and the Wrigley's were good people who sold the products from their farm to the local community.

The property has apparently changed hands several times since, but is currently being well-maintained and left open for public use as a park of sorts.

Personal Commentary: 

If you've learned anything about this hobby, it's that in many cases your visit and attention is unwelcome. You come to expect this, and you act accordingly.

When I arrived at this location, a car was parked in its driveway at the closed gate. My initial thought was, maybe the owner is here. I pulled off the road a short way down, and noted a gentleman being walked by his dog and I approached him. He gave me a brief overview of the history of the location and then indicated that the public were welcome to walk, bring their dogs, etc., but no vehicles, no quads or motorcycles. I thanked him for his time and proceeded in.

The stone work on this house was incredible. You just don't see that kind of work anymore. While it wasn't a really large house by today's standards, it was clearly a very nice house in its day. It had fallen to fire, and I've unable to determine any true facts about that incident, but the outside remains in sturdy shape.

Circling around the back of the property, I found the remains of the barn and silo. Apparently this had been the victim of fire as well.

The property seems to go on forever, but it is scenic, peaceful and relaxing. Stop by if you're in the area.

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