Wasaga Race Track

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Other May 2, 2010 Abandoned Ontario Canada

Posted on: Mon, 06/07/2010 - 15:15 By: Mike


To the best of my knowledge, the track opened in 1956 and closed in 1970. Prior to construction of the car racing track, this same location had a horse-racing track.

The 1960's saw a decline in activity here, tapering continuously until its closure the following year.

Personal Commentary: 

I stumbled upon mention of this online as I was looking for information on other locations in Wasaga Beach. I made a mental note of it and decided to go there on our next visit. As it turns out, I didn't have to wait too long. We took a slow walk around the turns and found it difficult to imagine, by today's race-track standards, how anyone could safely run a race here.


Wow, I never knew. Glad I found your post about this, have to do some research o this.

Stumbled upon the track today. Got lost in the forest and found it. Most people in town probably dont know it even exists

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Funny you say that. The day I was there, there was a guy walking his dog nearby. I spoke with him briefly to see if he knew any history on the place, and he didn't even know there was a track just over the hill. It seems a well-kept secret.

My father, uncle and a friend ran the races there. My father and uncle ran the horse races in the aftwtnoon then the stock cars at night. That was my childhood.

Along with partners Bill Dawson @ Bill Rodda I started Horse Racing on Augus 12, 1961 and continued
to have horse races in 1962 bu lacked customer support and had to cease to operate. In 1962 with
Don Batters we took over the Stock Car Races, held each Sat. nite. We drew big crowds who saw many
local drivers including Jim Ingram, Gerry Reevers as well as many of the top C.N.E. drivers including Ross Howes, Jack Cook, Norm Lelliott, Doug Warnes, Pete Harvie providing exciting racing. Special appearances
were made by Jim Howard @ Gary Witter, two international drivers. Additionally Earl Ross raced
with us and later went on become NASCAR Rookie of the year in 1971.
I recently visited the old track and it brought back some fond memories

Ken Richards

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The property is owned by the town of wasaga beach. I attended harness races there, later pit crew for stock cars and snowmobile races were all run there in the 60's and 70's. There was even a riding stable on the property near the pits as I recall.

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