Tribag Mine

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Mining August 10, 2018 Abandoned Ontario Canada

Posted on: Mon, 02/18/2019 - 15:15 By: Mike

It was a warm August day and we decided to wander off from our campground in search of a place I had sought out once before.  It had eluded me then, but I was determined to have another look.

Eight years before, also while camping, I had first set out to look for Tribag Mine which operated between 1965 and 1972.  I had seen a sign, Tribag Mine Road, while heading to the campground, and it intrigued me.  We followed that road for some time in my Chev Colorado until the road was no longer safely passable.  Had I taken a wrong turn?  Was there simply no way, by vehicle, to get there?  Without the aid of GPS or satellite photos, it was difficult to know.

Strange trees


Now I was going to try again in our GMC Canyon, and the GPS on my phone suggested three possible approaches.  The first two, while being a fun way to try out the truck, did not work for us.  The third time was, indeed, the charm.  Suprisingly, it was also the route I had the least faith in when looking at them.

Even as good as this route was, we stopped while still 3km away from our target.  Close enough, and the walk would be good exercise for a husky already tired of simply watching from the back seat.

Max on the trail


Eventually, we arrived at the location and I'll have to admit mixed emotions.  First, I was disappointed by the remains of the site.  There was really not much left that was noteworthy.  I know that others have actually entered the mine itself, but that's not something we were prepared to do on this particular day.  On the otherhand, I was happy that I had at last gotten here and was able to remove it from my nagging curiosity every time I passed Tribag Mine Road.

If nothing else, it was an adventure, a walk in the quiet solitude of the woods, and a great way to spend a vacation day.


Enjoyed your article. I have not been up there in about 38 years. My father Al Mitchell was manager from 1967ish to God father George Vary was manager before my dad. I spent lots of my childhood roaming the grounds.

Hi April,
My father, James Walker, was also a Manager at the mine during the same time period. He would have known your father and Godfather quite well. I too spent a lot of time at the mine, and vividly recall going underground with my father. We lived in a trailer adjacent to the Bachawana Hotel, across from the Bonanza restaurants. If you google my fathers name, with the Tribag mine, you will see old mine reports that he had authored. Dad, in subsequent years became President of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

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