Tiny Abandoned Airport

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Infrastructure April 22, 2012 Demolished Ontario Canada

Posted on: Sat, 11/24/2012 - 15:15 By: Mike


This airport was built by Transport Canada in 1952, and was allegedly used as an operating base for CF-100 interceptors. It's primary runway, 11/29, is 6600 feet in length, and 200 feet wide.

There is mention that it was abandoned in 1958. Perhaps this was with regard to its military role, prior to its civilian utilization.

It officially closed in 1982, and no further use could be found for it. Trespassing happened fairly frequently after this, by people landing here, and by people drag racing on the runway. Shortly, the lawyers for Transport Canada advised them to do something about it.

In response, a plan was devised to have the OPP patrol it, and to cut trenches across the runway to keep it from being used. After talks with the local municipalities, and the local First Nation, who had a claim against the property, it was decided to hold off on this move, and allow the parties to attempt to find a viable plan to operate the airport. In 2005, Transport Canada announced the failure of this attempt.

From March 27 to March 30, 2006, the 1RCR Battlegroup underwent Exercise Thundering Bear on this property. The purpose of the exercise was to train troops for Task Force Afghanistan Rotation 3. It involved the establishment, set-up, operation and tear down of a Forward Operating Base, and involved approximately 1500 military personnel and 250 military vehicles.

Update January 18, 2020:

It has come to my attention that the buildings at this location have been demolished.  All that remains is the runway.

Personal Commentary: 

Despite whatever plans to the contrary, as the photos show, the two remaining buildings are still... remaining. The runway appears to still be in relatively usable condition with the only barrier to use being the huge white or yellow X's painted on the paving.

I have been unable to find any but the most casual reference to the alleged use of this site for interceptors during the 1950's. Perhaps it was built with the intention to use it in times of need that never happened.

It seemed as though it was a pleasant enough place, however, and I certainly enjoyed looking around.

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