Standard Chemical Ltd.

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Industrial September 5, 2009 Abandoned Ontario Canada

Posted on: Tue, 09/08/2009 - 15:15 By: Mike


This factory was built by Richard Donald in 1904. The town that grew out of it was named after him and bears his name to this day.

It manufactured charcoal, acetate of limewood alcohol and other byproducts. It continued production after being bought out by Standard Chemical Company in 1915. Production would continue, in fact, until closing in 1946.

After closing, all metal parts of the factory were stripped, and the iron furnaces cut up and sold for scrap.

Some time after 1953, the property was purchased by Alvin Kaye. Kaye opened a prefab plank-wall cottage factory and his business would continue until his eventual retirement.

Personal Commentary: 

When we arrived, as is customary for us, we drove past the property, taking a few moments to size it up and determine what we're getting ourselves into. At first, we spotted the building on the corner, clearly part of the whole site, and were disappointed to discover that it appeared quite sealed.

It was then, almost as we were past it, that we actually noticed the skeletal remains of the main buildings in the woods across the street. This is what we were here for.

Looking for a place to put the truck, we realized that the roadway leading into the property was sporting a mailbox. Clearly someone was living somewhere on this land. We found somewhere to stash the truck and returned on foot. Initially, we began walking along the roadway attempting to determine how far back the dwelling might be. After a significant distance, it appeared it was someway back.

We began taking our pictures, and became quite enthralled by the whole place. The remnants of the old truck, the way the concrete hung from the roof. It was all incredible.

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