Shannopin Mine

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Mining July 15, 2008 Abandoned Pennsylvania United States

Posted on: Tue, 07/15/2008 - 15:15 By: Mike


Opened in 1926, this mine covered an area of approximately 8,200 acres. The mine closed in 1993 owing over $87,000 in taxes for the property itself, and with the parent company owing over $700,000 overall.

Currently there is a problem with acid drainage from the mine into the nearby river.

Personal Commentary: 

When I arrived at this location, I spotted two children happily playing. It seemed a little strange since I couldn't see any homes nearby, but I wasn't sure of that. They left soon after, and I continued on my exploration.

This place had a lot to see for a relatively small facility. There was just enough left behind to really get a good sense as to the purpose of each part.

While the sense of elapsed time and neglect was everywhere, there was still some haunting quality to the place that clearly reminded me of the bustling activity that was not so long ago.


I visit the location daily just to see the history and hear the echoes of the past,if you will, I'm a resident of bobtown so it is in my nature to want to see the history of my town
-Travis Smith

My Grandfather, Nicholas Rohulich worked this mine and that is where my father, Nicholas Rohulich Jr, and his sister, Mary Veronica Rohulich (Elko) grew up. I also had a cousin Charles Rohulich who owned the only bar in town and that is where the miners would meet when forming the Union. Is that building or any of the row houses still standing? Would love to see a picture. Thanks.

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