Regal Constellation Hotel

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Gas / Motels / Hotels April 3, 2011 Demolished Ontario Canada

Posted on: Mon, 04/04/2011 - 15:15 By: Mike


The Regal Constellation Hotel is a 15-floor, 710-room hotel originally constructed in 1962. It featured a Chinese restaurant, and 90,000 square feet of convention space. In addition, a north wing, and east wing still exist, expanding the site significantly from its original size. Most recently, it had been renovated in 2001. It closed in July, 2004.

Declining business, and the SARS epidemic were blamed for its closure. A few attempts have been made to revitalize the business, but nothing panned out.

In 2007 a construction and demolition company removed some of the complex, including the parking garage, but three large buildings, and the joining section still remain as of this date. It doesn't appears there's much additional activity, so it's uncertain what will happen.

Interestingly, several online travel sites continue to list the Regal Constellation as available for reservation. One indicates the hotel featured an airport shuttle, restaurant, laundry service, babysitting service, beauty salon, business and conference centre, fitness facilities, game room, pool, valet parking and gift shop. The price range is indicated as between $135.00 and $280.00.

UPDATE April 25, 2011:

According to the Globe and Mail, (article attached) Terrasan Environmental, the company that was doing the demolition and cleanup of the Regal Constellation site, has declared bankruptcy. Among several interesting things mentioned in the article, it is noted that the hotel owners who had contracted Terrasan went bankrupt themselves, owing the company $350,000. Currently Terrasan Environmental states that it has expenses in excess of $9.5 million and assets totaling only $27.

UPDATE December, 2011: Demolition has been completed. The hotel is no more.

Personal Commentary: 

We arrived at the location of our first exploration for 2011 full of energy and anticipation. We left tired and ready to go home. Yet we'll have to go back because, despite the length of our visit, we didn't have time to explore the east wing.

You could tell that this must really have been incredible in its day. The lobby alone was enough to give you an amazing impression. I'm not sure who would have stayed in the old west tower in its later years of operation, however, as the rooms seemed so small and very retro.

The effort of so many flights of stairs was worth it to see the incredible view off the roof. All in all, an epic way to start the season!


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