Christ the King Church (Sudbury)

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Churches, Etc. February 28, 2010 Active Ontario Canada

Posted on: Sun, 02/28/2010 - 15:15 By: Mike


The idea for this church began in 1917, in recognition of the growing number of English-speaking parishioners in Sudbury. However, many construction slow-downs by factors including World War I delayed the laying of the corner stone until June 17, 1928. Construction would continue to be hampered when the right wall blew out in 1928 as the result of a major windstorm.

On September 29, 1929, the church was finally dedicated and blessed by Bishop Scollard.

Disaster struck the church again on October 30, 1947, when a fire completely gutted it. Father Humphrey was quick to rally the parish, holding mass at the Capitol Theatre until the church was repaired and re-opened by July of the following year.

The church was renovated again in 1970, and is currently raising money for roof repairs and repairs to the bell towers.

Personal Commentary: 

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we arrived on foot and took a little time to admire the architecture from the outside. As we moved around to the west side of the building, we noticed a man coming out. We asked if he worked there, and would it be possible to take pictures inside. He said he would have to ask "the Boss".

Inside, we were introduced to the priest who gave us permission. Our thanks to all involved.

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