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Ghost Towns March 13, 2009 Semi-active Ontario Canada

Posted on: Fri, 03/13/2009 - 15:15 By: Mike


Balaclava was started with the sawmill in 1855 on Constant Creek. By the 1860's, a blacksmith and hotel had joined the permanent residents. The sawdust burner was constructed in 1903 to avoid polluting the river.

In 1936, the mill had to be almost completely rebuilt after a fire.

The mill remained in operation until 1959 by which time, much of the available timber had been depleted, and it closed. The store closed at about the same time.

A few residents still remain in the area.
-Wikipedia and other sources.

Personal Commentary: 

I decided to stop here as a side trip while on the way to Ottawa. I can't say that it was exactly what I had expected. I think the term "ghost town" has been thrown around a little too freely, as, in my mind, this did not really qualify as such.

Certainly, Balaclava is not what it once was. But people do live here, and several vehicles drove by during my brief tour suggesting a lot of life for a dead community.

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